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A novel antimalarial treatment based on engineered antibodies

April 6, 2011 - 16:06 -- Horacio Bach

The treatment of malaria has been hampered by the appearance of parasites resistant to conventional malaria drugs. Disease progression relies on the adherence of parasite-containing red blood cells to the blood vessel tissues. This condition allows the parasite to evade its clearance from the blood. Current treatments focus on killing the parasites inside of infected red blood cells but resistant strains have evolved with the ability to pump the drugs out of the erythrocytes. I propose a new therapeutic strategy that focuses on disrupting the adherence of infected red blood cells to blood vessel tissues rather than attempting to directly kill the parasite.
The adhesion of malaria-infected red blood cells to blood vessels can be blocked with antibodies that target various human receptors exploited by the parasite to adhere to blood vessels. I propose a new therapeutic strategy that will use human engineered antibodies to prevent the malaria-infected red blood cells from adhering to blood vessels, thus allowing the parasite to be cleared from the body. This new therapeutic approach will bypass current limitations in malaria treatment and can potentially be combined with chemotherapy to deliver even greater therapeutic results.
This approach is the basis for a grant application I have put forward to the Grand Challenges Canada program. In the decision process, the number of votes for a 2 min video explaining the idea will be taken in account. My team would appreciate your support in the development of new treatments to combat malaria by clicking on the link:
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