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News: Texas Biomed scientists researching Ebola-malaria connection

October 22, 2018 - 15:00 -- Malaria World


More than 150 people have died from Ebola virus disease in 2018


San Antonio, Texas (October 17, 2018) -- Ebola virus is a continuing threat in Central and West Africa, with an outbreak currently taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The disease kills up to 90% of the people who get infected, and more than 150 people have died from Ebola so far this year. The factors that determine who is susceptible to Ebola infection and who is not are still a mystery.

Texas Biomed researchers - in collaboration with the University of Iowa - are trying to find out how malarial infections impact people exposed to Ebola virus. Both diseases are endemic in that region. "A significant number of people entering Ebola Virus Treatment Units during the 2014-2016 West African outbreak were infected with both the malarial parasites, Plasmodium falciparium, and Ebola virus. Our studies will assess these infections in an animal model to understand the molecular impact of malarial infection on the consequences of Ebola virus infections," explained Professor Wendy Maury, Ph.D., the lead investigator at the University of Iowa.

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