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MIM2013: Symposium 63 - Towards strengthening the MIM into an organization

September 30, 2013 - 20:25 -- MalariaWorld Events

When? : Thursday 10th October 2013

The Multilateral Initiative on Malaria, MIM, is an alliance of individuals, funding partners and four autonomous constituents, MIM/TDR, MIMCom, MR4 and the MIM Secretariat who are all committed to the cause of malaria.

For a long time MIM thrived on the enthusiasm of many committed individuals and their affiliations.  MIM became bigger, took up more responsibilities and became a leading entity in malaria research and control. An entity, but not a legal entity. A democratic entity but without formal laws and organization.

The time has come to adapt MIM to its current challenges and transform into a legal entity. The most plausible change would be to transform MIM into a society with members.

For some, this may be a technicality, registering a society at the stroke of pen. For others this may represent a mile stone that fulfills the first objective of MIM: Developing sustainable malaria research capacity in Africa – through international and Pan-African scientific partnerships and training.

International and Pan-African partnership through membership of MIM. The sentence echoes previous ambitions that may elicit skepticism. To this we would respond that the times are changing and that they are ripe for a MIM society. To the lighthearted we express our sincere desire to carefully plan this and ensure that all malaria committed people and their affiliations will find a place in MIM society.

Without collaboration ideas stay stagnant. Collaboration is at the center of what the MIM does and while new connections occur naturally when people meet, we also actively facilitate connections through the MIM network. The MIM curates learned lessons for its network through events, workshops, presentations and member-driven initiatives that inspire, enable, challenge and support you and your ventures.
As a first step in our journey towards MIM society we organize a discussion session at the 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference, on Thursday 10th October 2013, at 15.00 h.

During this session a draft of the plans and statutes will be presented to you as a starting point for further discussion.

Every organization has people who manage and implement the planned activities and so will MIM-society.  MIM society needs a board and its first task will be to register the society as a legal entity and after that start building the democratic structures.  A provisionary board will include a chair, a secretary, a treasurer and 7 others.

Join us, shape MIM and become a member!