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MIM2013 - Submit your conference symposium proposal for consideration by the MIM Scientific Committee

June 13, 2013 - 18:45 -- MalariaWorld Events
Application deadline: 30 June 2013
Symposia Acceptance Notification: 15 July 2013
Call for Symposia Schedules: 30 July 2013
Deadline for Symposia Schedules: 15 August 2013

The MIM conferences is the largest gathering of the malaria community, provide a unique forum for interaction and exchange of ideas on almost all malaria related issues. At the previous conference symposia have proved extremely successful, providing a useful platform for meaningful discussion on defined malaria topics facilitated by experts sharing their knowledge and experiences. Once again at the 6th Pan African Malaria Conference taking place from the 6-11 October 2013, at the International Convention Centre, Durban South Africa, symposia will form an integral part of the meeting.  We therefore invite you to submit your conference symposium proposal for consideration by the MIM Scientific Committee (Costs: R20 000).

The Committee will evaluate and select proposals according to the following criteria:

1. Quality of submission: All proposals must have clear objectives and a detailed description of proposed symposia content. Priority will be given to proposals where speakers and their talk titles are fully identified, original/novel data/work is presented and where broad debated will be encouraged

2. Symposium Topic: Symposia focussing on current “hot topics” in malaria will be given priority. The topic must fall into of the following 20 thematic areas:

  • Parasite and systems biology
  • Pathogenesis and co-morbidities
  • Human-Anopheles-Plasmodium genomics
  • Epidemiology and modeling
  • Drug efficacy
  • Vaccines (Children, pregnant women and adults)
  • Immunology
  • Treatment and community case management
  • Research capacity strengthening
  • Resource allocation and advocacy
  • Prevention, control and elimination
  • Integrated vector management and control
  • Phytomedicines and bio-prospection
  • Information systems, HMIS, GIS
  • Pharmacology and drug development
  • Vector biology and insecticide resistance
  • Health systems: Research and Strengthening
  • Bioethics and legal Issues

Suggested topics:

  • Artemisinin resistance
  • Insecticide resistance
  • Plasmodium vivax malaria
  • Malaria vaccines
  • Malaria elimination
  • Alternative vector control tools
  • Indoor residual spraying in low transmission setting

3. Speaker and content diversity: Proposals where varying points of view are presented, proposed speakers reflect the diversity within the malaria community and where speakers from malaria endemic countries are included will be given priority.  

4. Format: As the symposia slots are 90 minutes in length, symposia should be a minimum of a 1 hour in duration, with the potential to last no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Ideally there should be a maximum of four speakers with at least half of the symposia time allocated to discussions and audience interaction.

Submission Process:

  1. By the proposal submission deadline  you must have provided: thematic topic category, a symposium title and description of symposium content, name of symposium organiser, co-chair and names of the four proposed speakers with organisational affiliations and presentation titles. Complete the online submission form.
  2. Please advise your speakers that the call for abstracts is a separate process and they should not submit abstracts for presentation proposed for your symposium session.  The speaker can however submit an abstract for any topic not covered in the proposed symposium.  The Scientific Committee will ensure symposium presentations are not repeated in oral sessions.
  3. Acceptance notifications will be sent to the symposium organisers by 15 April.  Organisers have until 15 June to finalise all symposia information: symposia title, presenter name, their affiliations, title of presentations and final roster of speakers.
  4. Final acceptance of the symposium is contingent on the Conference Committee receiving the relevant information and symposium payment of R20 000 by 30 July. 
  5. Accepted symposia which no payment has been received and/or with incomplete symposium information will be excluded from the conference programme.
  6. Final symposium schedule information will be sent to the conference organisers by 30 July

NB:  All symposia organisers, co-chairs and presenters must register for the conference at their own cost.

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