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MalariaWorld has been nominated for a social media award 2015: please endorse us!

June 10, 2015 - 19:47 -- Bart G.J. Knols

There is great news for the MalariaWorld community, and particularly for the team that has worked for the last six years to provide you all, every week of the year, with the latest information on malaria. Somebody (thank you, whoever you are) nominated one of the MalariaWorld Founders (me) for the 2015 Social Media Awards 'Malaria Heroes'. I do not consider this as a personal nomination, but as a nomination for the entire MalariaWorld team. Many of our >8600 members know me, but there are people behind the scene that make this work what it is. We have Patrick Sampao, Kabogo Ndegwa, and Stella Chege in the Nairobi office of MalariaWorld. They perform all the searches and collate it in such way that you receive it nicely on Friday morning when you open your email. They are our 'Silent Malaria Heroes', and have been so for six full years already. Then there are volunteers working for the Dutch Malaria Foundation that manage subscriptions (Monika Bongers) and extend the reach of our communication through social media outlets. With a Facebook account and three Twitter accounts, we're busy. Busy to get that vital piece of information out to you. And now we have been nominated...

In 2014, Inis Communication created The Social Media Awards to recognize and promote the use of social media in global health. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are central to engaging wider audiences in information sharing, dialogue, knowledge creation and collaborative action on priority health issues.
This year, Inis Communication is the proud organizer of the 2015 Social Media Awards: Malaria Heroes, in cooperation with the Awards’ sponsors. Read more about why the organisation selected the theme 'malaria' this year, and more about the awards, by clicking here.
There are six categories for which you can nominate individuals who make exceptional use of social media (notably Facebook and Twitter) to communicate to the global community. MalariaWorld has been nominated in the category 'People's choice for best communications'. We're proud of this - even for the simple fact that we were nominated by someone.
But what does this mean to us? A lot. It is more than possibly an award by the end of October. It is a boost for us as a team to make the MalariaWorld platform even better. We have mentioned several ideas to you in the past already, but funding is always a problem. For instance, we would like to develop an equivalent of BBC Hard Talk, but then for malaria. Where we interview key people about critical aspects of our ongoing fight to make malaria a disease of the past. More video on MalariaWorld. And this is where an award could provide significant could be the push that donors need to support us to make MalariaWorld ten times bigger but especially ten times better than it has already become. I personally can't wait to see this happen.
You will remember that sooner or later we would like to set up a library (online) where every article ever written on malaria, starting from the day Ross made his historical discovery (20 August 1897) to today is deposited and available. Defeating malaria means one thing: Know thy enemy. Knowledge you get through information. And information provision is the business we're in...
So, for those of you who send us emails every once in a while to express your gratitude for the services we deliver, this is your time to help us (and ultimately yourself) to move forward: endorse us. You can do so by clicking here. Unfortunately you will need a minute to register, but after you have done that you can endorse us and perhaps write a few words about your experience with MalariaWorld and the MalariaWorld Journal.
On behalf of the entire MalariaWorld team I say a big Thank You!