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Malaria: Writing Precisely

February 9, 2019 - 00:08 -- Miles Markus


Attention is drawn to the following three publications that are relevant to the preparation of manuscripts on malaria:


Markus, M.B. 2019. Plasmodium – Yet More Don’ts. Trends in Parasitology 35 (2): 101–102.

McFadden, G.I. 2019. Plasmodium – More Don’ts. Trends in Parasitology 35 (1): 4–6.

McFadden, G.I. 2012. Plasmodia – Don’t. Trends in Parasitology 28 (8): 306.


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In reply to enquiries, "No", there is no plan at present to produce any further (follow-up) publication(s) on this subject.