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Malaria: time to start the war and not just talk about it

January 12, 2010 - 12:49 -- Eric Mutanyi

The efforts put in by organizations all over the world to fight Malaria is highly appreciated, although the war is far from being won.In my view, this should go hand in hand with improvement of human habitat, poverty has a serious bearing on this in that, the poor sanitation set- up complicates the breeding control.


Its time the world over made use of Entomologists to step up the fight against vector control as we use the nets. I have day by day witnessed enormous amount of money misdirected in workshops especially in Kenya.Too many workshops in that people have no time to impliment what they just leant in the many previous workshops leave alone sharing the knowledge.


I think our timetables require some sort of fixing. Another point to note here is that most, if not all, entomologists were redeployed back to the clinical Laboratories for lack of funds to do vector control throughout the country. This dates back from 1989 to date.