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Large-Scale Malaria Treatment in the Private Sector: A Case Study of the Cambodian Experience

December 14, 2010 - 21:18 -- The Global Heal...

The UCSF Global Health Group’s (GHG) Health Systems Initiative supports a community of practice for National Malaria Control Program Managers and others around the private sector provision of ACTs in light of the AMFm. It recently published Large-Scale Malaria Treatment in the Private Sector: A Case Study of the Cambodian Experience, a case study aimed to inform the efforts of countries embarking on private sector malaria treatment initiatives. In 2003 Population Services International / Cambodia established an initiative to provide branded malaria treatment through private clinics, pharmacies, and shops across most of rural Cambodia, making Cambodia the first country to scale-up the provision of subsidized ACTs in the private sector. By 2009 this program provided approximately half of all malaria treatment in the country. The GHG’s case study concludes that the key lessons learned from the Cambodian experience include: vigilant ACT supply chain management; frequent, routine, and personal interactions between pharmaceutical detailers and private retailers; well established relationships with local government; building awareness and demand around ACTs and RDTs among the public; and incentivizing diagnostics, for example by carefully aligning the prices of RDTs with ACTs.

The GHG’s Health Systems Initiative (HSI) seeks to identify, understand and promote innovative models for engaging the private sector in health systems strengthening in developing countries.

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