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Invitation from the Pan African Mosquito Control Association

May 9, 2018 - 11:31 -- Malaria World

Join the Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA)

Membership is open to anyone concerned with or interested in mosquito control and related work, and desiring to participate in the promotion and improvement of such work.

The following categories of membership are available:

  • Individual members
  • Student members
  • Governmental or corporate Members

Read here how you can become a member.

The Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) is an African professional body that brings together players in the field of mosquito and mosquito borne diseases control. PAMCA exists to provide a platform for capacity building, knowledge sharing and collaboration for concerted vector control initiatives in the African continent. PAMCA’s overarching goal is to bring African scientists and other partner institutions, to work together and adopt common approaches to tackling the burden of mosquito diseases across the continent.

PAMCA is a Membership organization and the participation of members is very fundamental. This is because the members constitute part of the governance structure and therefore a very important aspect of the association and their effective participation in the activities of the organization is crucial.

The members of PAMCA are a group of committed experts whole sole interest in PAMCA is to make professional contributions to the development and implementation of new techniques and tools for mosquito control.

Membership is open to professionals with sound interest in mosquito research, vector borne diseases/ arboviruses and related subjects across Africa and beyond. Membership is open to students, individuals, research institutions, the private sector and industry practitioners who are interested in mosquito research and other vector borne diseases.

For those who have not subscribed as members, we encourage them to Join the association online and get a chance to shape the public policy space, to meet and network with a diverse pool of professionals among other benefits.