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Has malaria eradication taken place in ANY country through an outside agency?

June 12, 2013 - 07:38 -- Anton Alexander

To all MalariaWorld readers, does anyone know of ANY country that has been certified malaria-free by WHO and where the eradication campaign has been managed or controlled by an outside agency. If yes, please state the country when replying.

It would help a great deal if MalariaWorld readers would reply or comment so that I would know this blog has at least been read or considered. Please don't remain silent. Silence can lead to the equivalent of misinformation in this case.

Either a 'No' or a 'Yes + country' will suffice.

Thank you.

Anton Alexander

PS This is in effect a repeat of a blog of 8th June last and over 120 of you have read it, but only one has commented (very helpfully). You are together the biggest concentration of malaria specialists in the world - what better body to ask. And if you readers can't answer, then who could? If you don't know, please comment 'No'.


Andrew Lover's picture
Submitted by Andrew Lover on

Hello Anton,

Is suspect in many countries that information was never really captured in the death throes of the GMEP. There are some reports with hints:

Jose Nájera has several fantastic writeups:

And then Pampana's "A textbook of malaria eradication" (1969) might help to address your questions.