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Flushing streams has been used against snails, and mosquitoes

June 26, 2014 - 11:00 -- William Jobin

An additional element in the fight against mosquitoes has already been used in the tropics, both to flush out snails which transmit schistosomiasis, and to flush out certain species of anopheline mosquitoes which inhabit streams in SE Asia.

Also, if you would kindly go down the extended list of these blogs, to the one I submitted on Alternative Funding Strategies, which is followed by Jeff Juel's comments on his tidegates, you would find another engineering technique for mosquito control. Tide gates and tidal works were pioneered by the Dutch in the fight against malaria in Indonesia, especially by Schwellengrebel.

So, my question is, are there any engineers reading this who have ideas about flushing or other water manipulation of anopheline habitats? I am looking for enough engineers or engineer-ecologists or environmental engineers to start building up a critical mass of brainpower in this field.

Bill, an engineer