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Event: There’s a Gene in my Mosquitoes - A MasterClass with Profs. Austin Burt, Tony Nolan & Abdoulaye Diabate

March 17, 2021 - 13:20 -- MalariaWorld Events


Episode XVIII: Wednesday, March 24th 2021; starting 2pm East African Time

Ifakara MasterClasses in Public Health & Medical Entomology

Hosted by Fredros Okumu (Ifakara Health Institute & Sheila Ogoma (CHAI)

Key Questions:

  1. What are gene drives [and how different are they compared to other genetic engineering approaches]?
  2. What makes gene drives attractive for malaria control & elimination [evidence from labs & models]?
  3. What are the pathways for testing and deployment of gene drive mosquitoes for malaria control?
  4. What are the main limitations & challenges of gene drive technologies for malaria control?
  5. Cangene drives be contained? Can they be recalled? What is the worst that can happen?
  6. Will gene drives work in all major malaria vector species in Africa?
  7. How would we regulate gene drives [safety, ethics,biodiversity and public opinions]?
  8. How do we build relevant capabilities and experiences in Africa to advance or regulate the technology?
  9. What do the people in malaria-endemic say?
  10. How would we use gene drives alongside other malaria control approaches such as ITNs and IRS?

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