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Event: Sustaining the [Malaria] Gains - a MasterClass with Profs. Thomas Churcher & Ellie Sherrard Smith 

October 8, 2021 - 12:55 -- MalariaWorld Events


Episode XXXI: Thursday, October 14th 2021, starting 2.00 pm EAT

Ifakara MasterClasses in Public Health & Medical Entomology. Hosted by Fredros Okumu (Ifakara) & Sheila Ogoma (CHAI)

Indicative Topics:

  1. Magic Mixes: selecting the best combinations of interventions in different contexts
  2. Evidence-based vector control: what next for ITNs, IRS & LSM
  3. Anticipating the RTS,S vaccine roll-out: how do we use it alongside other tools?
  4. Transformative approaches & tools: [a case for improved vector control options]
  5. Measuring impact of malaria interventions: balancing ento and epi indicators
  6. Measuring the gaps in vector control: a case of mosquitoes biting outdoors and early
  7. Impact of insecticide resistance on vector control – how best should we respond
  8. Sustaining the malaria control gains: how do we prevent stagnation and rebounds?
  9. Careers & mentorship: personal experiences in public health and academia 

Register in advance for this MasterClass: 

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