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Event: Reviewing the World Malaria Report 2021 - a Masterclass with Pedro Alonso, Abdisalan Noor, Jennifer Gardy & Richard Steketee

December 9, 2021 - 14:07 -- MalariaWorld Events


Episode XXXIV: Wednesday, December 15th 2021; 3pm EAT/7am ET/1pm CET

Ifakara MasterClasses in Public Health & Infectious Diseases. Hosted by Fredros Okumu (Tanzania); Sheila Ogoma (Kenya) & Corine Karema (Rwanda).

Ifakara Health Institute & Partners will host an in-depth review of the just-released World Malaria Report on December 15th 2021, featuring: Pedro Alonso (WHO), Abdisalan Noor (WHO), Jennifer Gardy (BMGF) & Richard Steketee (USAID-PMI)

The session will include:

  • An in-depth explanation of the key messages contained in the 2021 report
  • An explanation of the methodological changes in estimating malaria deaths
  • A broad discussion on effective options for addressing the realities reflected in the report.