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Event: Malaria Strategies - a MasterClass with Prof. Marcel Tanner

August 9, 2021 - 11:54 -- MalariaWorld Events


Episode XXX: Thursday, August 12th 2021;  Starting 2.00 pm East African Time

Ifakara MasterClasses in Public Health & Medical Entomology

Hosted by Fredros Okumu (Ifakara) & Sheila Ogoma (CHAI)

Key Topics:

  1. Benefits, scenarios & feasibility of malaria eradication (behind the SAGME Report)
  2. Global malaria strategies [from 2000 to 2021; and a little bit before]
  3. The “Tomorrow of Malaria” [& key lessons from “its Yesterday”]
  4. Transformative technologies for malaria control: [a case for vaccines and gene drives]
  5. Evolution of surveillance-response initiatives for malaria
  6. Health system needs [strengths & weaknesses] and the need for resilience
  7. Essential partnerships for malaria control & elimination: Mutual learning 4 change
  8. Careers in malaria control:  developing essential capacity in the long-term
  9. Key lessons in leadership for global health & malaria control
  10. No Roots No Fruits: Personal reflections & experiences of Prof. Marcel Tanner

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