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Event: Malaria Dalenda Est: a MasterClass with Drs. Phillip Welkhoff, Helen Jamet & Meera Venkatesan

May 10, 2021 - 12:48 -- MalariaWorld Events


Episode XXIII: Wednesday, May 12th 2021; Starting 3pm East African Time

Ifakara MasterClasses in Public Health & Medical Entomology

Hosted by Fredros Okumu (Ifakara Health Institute) and Dr. Sheila Ogoma (CHAI)


  1. The Top Five Questions in Malaria Control
  2. Tools for Malaria Elimination: Drugs, Diagnostics & Vector Control
  3. Optimal combinations of interventions
  4. Preventing Deaths: the Future of Malaria Case Management
  5. Measuring Impact: Transmission Intensities, Parasite Rates & Deaths
  6. Field Data, Genomics & Mathematical Modeling
  7. Tackling Resistance to Drugs & Insecticides
  8. Transformative Technologies: Updates on Vaccines & Gene Drives
  9. Capacity building, personal experiences and mentorship
  10. Essential Partnerships [& Leadership] for Malaria Elimination

Register in advance for this meeting!

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