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CLOSED: Event: African Malaria Coalition Meeting on "Water, Engineers and Malaria"

December 27, 2012 - 17:30 -- MalariaWorld Events

You are invited to

the African Malaria Coalition Meeting on "Water, Engineers and Malaria"

Date: Sunday 27 January 2013; Time: 09.30 am

Location: Room 48-316 MIT Water Resources Lab, Cambridge, Maccachusetts, USA

The next meeting of the African Malaria Coalition will be held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to discuss the topic "Water, Engineers, and Malaria". The Coalition meets quarterly on the East Coast of the USA for informal luncheon conversations about malaria control in Africa, and includes university faculty, students and other scientists.   Prof. Fatih el Tahir of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - an authority on the Nile River and climatology of Africa - has graciously offered to be our host for this January meeting.

There will be a short talk by Prof. James Webb of Colby College about his new book on the History of Malaria Control in Africa.  We will also discuss current problems of the WHO malaria program.  Several doctoral candidates working under Prof. Fatih will talk about their findings on water, climate and mosquito-borne diseases in Africa.  The meeting is also open to MIT undergraduates, as part of their January Independent Activities Program.  There is no charge for the meeting.

Our Sunday meeting will start at 9:30 am in Room 48-316 of the MIT Water Resources Lab.  The Water Resources Lab is on Vassar and Main Streets in Kendall Square, Cambridge, near the Red Line subway station.   If you are a traveler, we will provide information on places for you to stay Saturday night, within walking distance of the Water Resources Lab.

For more information contact Bill Jobin, Coordinator, on or cell fone 1 970 560 1182.



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Submitted by William Jobin on


After reviewing our luncheon meetings in Manhattan during the year past, and planning the agenda for our forthcoming January 2013 meeting, I realized it would be more accurate to characterize our fluid and informal group as a Dialogue, rather than as a Coalition. So this is to notify you that - in the future - you will see announcements about the African Malaria Dialogue and our informal luncheon meetings.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of our dialogues has been the unexpected connections between experienced entomologists and young engineering students. In addition I have enjoyed watching the inter-disciplinary discussions between hydrologists, climatologists, entomologists, historians and public health engineers. Finally we have broadened our focus to include other water-associated diseases such as Rift Valley Fever, Dengue and River Blindness. It has been educational, to say the least.

Coordinator for the African Malaria Dialogue

William Jobin Director of Blue Nile Associates