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CLOSED: Announcement: Malaria Course Ifakara 2012 (English)

February 8, 2012 - 21:08 -- MalariaWorld Events

Descriptive of the course:  Capacity Building Course in Malaria Control Programs, with a focus on e-learning

Dates: April 21 to May 19, 2012

Location: Ifakara, Tanzania


Organised jointly by the Tanzanian Training Centre of International Health, Ifakara, Tanzania, and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland, the Malaria course is a tutorial that is aimed at strengthening competence of researchers, public health personnel and care givers to fight malaria in Africa.

The Malaria course is aimed at strengthening competences of actors involved in the fight against malaria, at strengthening their ability to conduct control programmes, and at strengthening their capacity to learn by themselves using new communication technologies. Participants are involved in an active learning-teaching exercise. They are supported by specialized tutors. The learning process is based on self-learning (e-learning), group discussion and mutual exchange between the participants themselves and experts.


The 7th session will take place from April 21st to May 19th, 2012 in Ifakara, United Republic of Tanzania, at the Tanzanian Training Centre of International Health. 16 participants, mainly from East Africa, will be selected according to their profile, professional status, and letter of motivation and recommendation. The minimum requirement is a BSc of Master degree, several years of professional experience and basic computer skills (at least on Word processing or equivalent).


The tutorial lasts 4 weeks, each on focusing on one or two topics with relevant local and international experts in the field. The course will be held by experienced experts from Europe in collaboration with our partners in Ifakara. The course is taught in English.


Of course some typical Ifakara experience will not be missing, be it a cruise on the Kilombero River in a dugout canoe or hiking to the spectacular waterfalls at the Udzungwa mountain national park.


Registration fees are 300 USD per participant. Course fees as well as travel, accommodation and food expenses will be taken care of by the organizers. Health insurance are at the expense of the particpants.


The course description and programme details are attached to this announcement


Further information is available from:

Or email to:


Fabrice Althaus

On-site coordinator


Blaise Genton

Course coordinator



Tanzanian Training Centre of International Health

P.O. BOX 39, Ifakara, Tanzania

Tel +255 23 262 5018, +255 77 307 1037

Fax: +255 23 262 5028



Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Socinstrasse 57, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

Tel  +41 61 284 81 11

Fax +41 61 284 81 01