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A catholic organisation in Austria dislikes film on herbal medicine.

October 22, 2020 - 11:58 -- Pierre Lutgen

The film « The Fever » of Katharina Weingärtner was released on September 25 and is well received by public and media. It depicts the fight of African universities and grassroot organizations for local solutions and remedies against the sharp increase in malaria fatalities over the recent years. 500 000 more in 2020 according to WHO !

The crux of the matter is the failure of the so called ACT pills of Bigpharma (artemisinin-combined- therapy, Coartem, Coarsucam…). Since 10 years they have lead to massive resistance of the malaria parasite in South East Asia and have become virtually useless. Since 5 years this resistance is also swamping Africa as documented by dozens of scientific peer reviewed reports from 15 African countries. A looming disaster for the entire continent, of millions of malaria deaths programmed. Because Bigpharma has no replacement.

So the Africans return to the herbal medicine their ancestors have efficiently used against tropical diseases for centuries. This is what the film « Das Fieber » describes. It obviously hurts the business interests of all those humanitarian organisations, which act as middleman between Bigpharma (including their laquais at European universities and tropical medicine institutes) and are paid as salesmen for the ACT pills. See the Belgo-French film « Malaria Business ».

Artemisia annua is the Chinese plant which was used by the the Vietcong as herbal infusion (not as pharmaceutical drug) to cure and prevent malaria. Over the recent years many African universities and associations have confirmed in clinical trials the extraordinary therapeutical and prophylactic properties of the entire herb: Patrick Ogwang, Jérôme Munyangi, Romeo Abotsi, Rosine Chougouo, Lydia Gatore, Pascal Gisenya, Antoine Dzamah, Françoise Cissé, Valentine Lah… But a pharmaceutical company cannot build a profitable business on the sales of medicinal herbs. So they extracted one molecule, artemisinin, and claimed that is was the key of the antimalarial properties of the Artemisia plant. But soon they had to realize that this molecule alone did not do the job : recrudescence of the disease and no prophylactic properties. They had to combine with other molecules with strong antimalarial properties : amodiaquine, lumefantrine, mefloquine…

What this new Austrian film unfortunately does not show, is the more recent switch many African countries operate, away from the Chinese Artemisia annua to the local Artemisia afra, growing wild from the Cape to Ethiopia. Several clinical trials (documents and scientific papers available) have shown that Artemisia afra which does not contain artemisinin is as efficient as Artemisia annua, if not more. And this plant is perfectly legal in Africa as per WHO prescriptions.

WHO/EDM/TRM/2000.1 Traditional use refers to documentary evidence that a substance has been used over three or more generations of recorded use for a specific health related or medicinal purpose. In this case WHO maintains its position that there is no requirement for pre-clinical toxicity testing. Pre-clinical toxicity testing is only required for new medicinal herbal products which contain herbs of no traditional history of use.

WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014 – 2023

Anyway any independant country has the right to recommend and use the medicines of its choice, without interference of the Tropical Institutes of colonial times.

This catholic organisation « plan-g « in Bregenz reminds us of the scandalous behaviour of the Vatican against Keppler and Galileo and the « Index librorum prohibitorum » only abolished by the catholic church in 1964. Are these Christians of 2020 in Middle Europe aware that they become partners in another massive genocide. The time of the « White mans burden » is over and Africa now has highly qualified academic and medical people, who do not need our neo-colonial paternalism. Their fight is faith based ; their Christiniasm is young, enthusiastic, galvanizing : un bain de jouvence.

Dr Pierre Lutgen