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Case study 1

January 25, 2013 - 14:20 -- Ricardo Ataide

Age: 24 Gestational age:: 37 wks Malaria history:

  • Vivax infection during the 1st month of gestation. Received Chloroquine. Presumably cured.
  • Mixed infection detected at 35 weeks, Pv and Pf. Admitted to hospital. Received Quinine + Clindamicin for 5 days. Discharged.
  • Went home and (with help from a relative that had access to the medication) took Quinine 4 times a day for 9 days.
  • Felt very sick with vomits, headaches, diarrhea. Went to the health center and was diagnosed with falciparum gametocytes. Given Coartem.
  • Waiting...

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