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A bug's life

May 25, 2012 - 19:53 -- Binny Mony


Gliding along, quite unseen,

So pleasant, life has never been,

I gobble up what you have in stock for me,

Though I’ve got zilch to offer thee!


When the stream begins to narrow down,

And your red has turned a lovely brown,

I try to stretch and give a gentle squeeze,

My stall causes even the others to cease!


We have formed our own little squad,

Hence, lumping the stream is not too hard,

A fellow comrade now decides to change his form,

While we stock up our growing babies’ dorm!


The changed one has become oh so quiet!

He waits for that warm, sultry night,

When a single pull, and off we are gone,

Us, him and the unborn!


There he meets his long lost belle,

They get together and off they propel,

Another bite, another cycle

That’s our life, an absolute miracle!