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Avez-vous travaillez avec le PMI en Afrique ? Have you worked with US Presidential Malaria Initiative for Africa?

February 21, 2014 - 13:00 -- William Jobin

Chers Confreres et Colleagues,

The US Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) began in 2005 in Angola. I helped start it, along with 2 other consultants for RTI the US contractor, and 3 malariologists from the Angolan Ministry of Health. Since then PMI has expanded to cover 21 countries in Africa. The contract passed from RTI to Abt Associates, and others.

If you do simple math, that means we have accumulated about 1,000 person years since then, in Africa, fighting malaria. What a tremendous resource! Are you one of those people?

People involved with PMI included the US contractors, malariologists from the 21 African MOHs, US Peace Corps and CDC Atlanta.

If you have worked with PMI in any capacity please let me know what you have done since then, and what you think should our future course be to win this fight?



Submitted by Manuel Lluberas (not verified) on

Bill, I continue to work with the PMI, though not as frequent as before. I am also involved with national initiatives and other NGOs and organizations working on malaria control.