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Aquatain AMF Achieves WHO Prequalification

June 3, 2019 - 15:18 -- Malaria World

After extensive evaluation, a unique mosquito control product called Aquatain AMF has been prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO) for procurement by the UN and other international agencies and countries in tackling mosquito-borne diseases.

Aquatain AMF is manufactured by Aquatain Products Pty Ltd of Australia (the inventors of the product), and it is also manufactured under licence by Bleu Line srl of Italy. The product is a silicone based liquid which spreads across the surface of standing water, forming a very thin film. Silicones have a low surface tension and, when the film is present on the water surface, the mosquito wrigglers which breed in the water can’t attach themselves to the surface - causing them to drown. It’s a simple physical action which doesn’t rely on any toxic chemicals to be effective. The film remains on the surface for up to 4 weeks.

‘Aquatain AMF is the first vector control product with an entirely physical action to be prequalified by WHO’ according to Graham Strachan, Director of Aquatain Products Pty Ltd.

‘The product is approved for sale in more than 60 countries, and many of them – notably the European Union – have exempted it from registration due to its physical action,’ Graham said. ‘We feel that Aquatain AMF can play an important role in complementing traditional mosquito control measures.’

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