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    I believe the paper Dr. Skovmand is referring to is Dunkel et al. Sustainable Integrated Malaria Management by Villagers in Collaboration with a Transformed Classroom Using the Holistic Process: Sanambele, Mali, and Montana State University, U.S.A. American Entomologist 59(1):45-55. I'm the director of publications for ESA, the publisher of American Entomologist; if you would like to see a PDF of this paper, feel free to email me at If you have access to American Entomologist, you can view the article online here: Thank you for your interest!

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    The Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, in partnership with other local institutions, will host "The Future of Malaria Research: A Young Scientists' Meeting". This one-day symposium is formatted with keynote speakers, presentations from students and post-docs, a lunchtime poster session, and a closing reception. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for young investigators to present their research and interact with others in the malaria field. The event has been planned to take place the Friday before the ASTMH General Meeting starts in Philadelphia so that anyone travelling to this area may attend. Registration is free. Register now!

    Dr. Maria Mota
    Institute of Molecular Medicine
    University of Lisbon, Portugal
    Dr. Grant Hughes
    Department of Pathology
    University of Texas Medical Branch

    Abstract submission deadline with consideration for a talk: Sept 16th
    Abstract submission deadline for a poster: Oct 9th
    Registration ends: Oct 16th

    Friday, October 23, 2015
    9:00am to 4:30pm
    (Pre-registration required)

    JHU Rockville Campus
    9605 Medical Center Drive
    Suite 121
    Rockville, Maryland
    Directions and Parking - Click Here
    Please contact with any questions.


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    Thanks to this vital information is now accessible to >8000 readers.
    An avalanche which millions of dollars cannot stop. Money can buy the complacency of African civil servants or pay African guinea pigs for trials with chemical drugs. But the young African doctors and scientists will win the battle with herbal medicine

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    Hello Dr. Pierre Lutgen

    Thank you for informative post will help many researcher in area of Natural products as antimalarial drugs.


  • Reply to: Durable Malaria Elimination – You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink   2 weeks 16 hours ago

    It sounds very interesting, do you have the citation for this publication ?