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  • Reply to: How to slow the Resistance Treadmill   1 day 7 hours ago

    Bart, that is really good to hear! Congratulations for trying to outwit the pesky buzzing critters.
    Incidentally, although they don't give precise figures, if one studies the latest financial reports from the US PMI, it is quite likely that indoor spray costs have tripled recently and are now close to $18 per person protected per year.
    These huge cost increases might be due partly to the switch to bendiocarb.
    This gives even more reason to support your approach.

  • Reply to: How to slow the Resistance Treadmill   1 day 22 hours ago

    Nice views, and for anyone with a little background in evolutionary biology common sense. The problem with the current policy to deal with resistance is that resistance management is advocated but hard to implement let alone be defined in terms of what it should deliver. Resistance breaking is easier to grasp - it is a tool, method, or active that can kill resistant mosquitoes.

    In the Kilombero Valley of Tanzania we have now completed 1559 houses: full window screening, door improvement, closing of the eaves, and installation of eave tubes (with actives). Results are as expected: the indoor density of anophelines is reduced by 85-90% for both gambiae sl and funestus.

    Eave tubes are ideal in the sense that they offer management options since you can put more than 1 active on (the tubes are installed at eave height and therefore out of reach of house occupants).

    Compared to the cost of IRS, eave tubes are highly competitive and use 98% less insecticide.

    Coarse application of insecticides (spraying the whole house) may not be necessary if we use the behavioural ecology of the target insect cleverly (i.e. they prefer to enter the house through the eaves). Cheaper, equally effective, greener.

  • Reply to: Interactions between a fungal entomopathogen and malaria parasites within a mosquito vector   2 days 12 hours ago
    several studies have shown that microbial infections arouse the mosquito imunosystem and thus lead to an increased encapsulation (melanization) of the oocysts. However, some studies have shown that melanization is more commonly oberved in laboraory strains of mosquitoes than in naitive mosquitoes of the same species. So, it is a grey field. It would be nice if the authors could also test Metharhizium in their model Ole Skovmand Intelligent Insect Control
  • Reply to: MalariaWorld has been a free service for 5 years. Would you be willing to pay 10 USD per year for it?   4 days 10 hours ago
    Dear David, You will need to log in in order to fill the poll. Just click the answer and submit. Best wishes, Bart
  • Reply to: Last week at MalariaWorld: News from MESA and malaria blogs   1 week 4 days ago

    Life is an unpredictable transit into eternity.

    Quite unpredictable, because it takes a life truly seasoned by grace to discover God's purpose for our individual lives; and therein humbly embark on that purpose without a hidden selfish motive.

    The great lessons from the life and times of Mark Bennett after reading the under-listed words of Ingeborg van Schayk from her blog of February 12 2015, namely: "Just two days ago, on the 10th of February, I received the very sad message that earlier that day Mark Bennett had passed away. Many of you have met Mark; some of you have not. Mark has worked his entire life to enhance access to the Internet and improve education in Africa. He was the technical Director of MIMCom, the communications network of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM). We'll remember Mark. He was a 'giver'; not a 'taker'. He believed in helping people without expecting anything in return. And... that made him happy. I guess a lesson worth noting. And that’s how things go. Because Mark connected us to the Internet some 15 years ago we can now serve 8.566 malaria professionals in 140 countries with access to scientific information. THANK YOU MARK!"; have forced me to re-warn myself against a life that can be recorded in the archives of time as not really well spent.

    Likewise, in my love for many who have made good choices, I want to share some practical observations in order to encourage such wise, but very few men and women to remain steadfast in their good, but uneasy choices. More so, the same love is compelling me to open up the hidden archives of wickedness of many who have for years chosen to live for self, unlike Mark Bennett whom we are celebrating his well- spent life today.

    Imagine such services many render through the truths that can richly benefit others as you can see from this mail I received recently; "I, Kris, have a confession to make...
    I am a junk food addict.
    I used to binge on ice cream, donuts, coca cola and all sorts of horribly unhealthy junk foods. Every Single Day.
    I also happen to be a recovering alcoholic and drug addict... been sober since January 4th, 2007 (almost 8 years now).
    A few years after I became sober, my eating habits started to become a huge problem.
    I realized pretty quickly that my symptoms relating to food were the same as they were with drugs... exactly the same.
    Back in 2013, I wrote an e-book called "Vicious Eating" about my struggles with food addiction.
    It is 130 pages and originally I was selling it, but then I decided to give it away for free instead.
    You can download it here directly, in pdf form:
    Vicious Eating - The Food Addict's Guide to Redemption.
    I highly recommend that you read it, at least the introduction. Chances are that you have the same problem as I did, because this is actually really common.

    People like Kris are very rare when we consider the great riches most professionals carry in their bosom as very valuable information and services that could have transformed the lots of many. They differ from Kris above just because they regularly evaluate their knowledge only from the perspective of ego and material riches they must enjoy.

    This has made most cemeteries the richest sites as virtues and gifts that were not used when people were alive, remain wasted at such burial grounds of many wasted potentials. Even many private tombs have remained reminders of unfulfilled dreams.

    This is why I must thank the sponsors of Malaria Journal and numerous malaria eradication projects, for your selfless services are speaking in volumes of great praises. I look forward to investing into this project in an outstanding manner. My thanks too to many others who have seen the increasing needs of the masses and their helplessness, and therein take advantage of any way they could be of help to people that may not easily pay them back. Such God’s servants abound across professions, and will surely be blessed by Yahweh.

    But, there is an opposing majority! You may even wonder if it is true. But a market survey will convince you that some professionals will divert drugs donated for free distribution to patients to drug sellers - just to make more money on top of the salaries and the allowances their enviable position already attract. Likewise, many long lasting insecticidal nets are being sold in the markets after they have been boldly written "NOT TO BE SOLD."

    These are lifestyles of some professionals who must be remembered by their close associates for their befitting partnership that have enriched them at the expense of oversea donors, and the patients who are regularly dying for lack of sufficient preventive and curative measures.

    I dare not mention names under any circumstance. But, is heaven not taking records of the misappropriation of funds by many Health Ministers and Commissioners who have used superiority and inferiority complex phenomenons to place many round pegs in square holes while choosing who and who should play which role; while trying to choose personnel through bias, for the management of preventable diseases in some underdeveloped countries?

    I dare not give dates. But the culprits will always remember that what was often released by donor agencies and through budgetary allocations could have made some underdeveloped countries to have a different story when a true epidemiology of communicable diseases is critically assessed annually.

    All the good recommendations by WHO through reputable guidelines are being frustrated through the suppression of an irrefutable division of labour at most places where some professionals must be made to feel unimportant, and therein depressed through inferiority complex. Wherein, they are diverted from their desired commitment to a state of irrelevance.

    But, every vocation is really as important as the other (1 Corinthians 12:14-22).

    Imagine what Mark Bennett's expertise and the efforts of his colleagues did in the networking of malaria research, prevention and control in the very timid African countries where telecommunication was only the prerogative of the stupendously rich; if not in recent times, like in my country Nigeria - thanks to President Obasanjo's regime for breaking this huddle. The internet services we have dreamed for years have brought a great positive turnaround - for which many will be remembered for in Nigeria and the world over. Mark Bennett as part of this blessed group is now being celebrated as an instrument of positive change in the affairs of Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM).

    May I pause to ask myself again through this write-up. What will you be remembered for? What will posterity speak of your contributions to the needs of your generation? I, Okechukwu Peter Okee, may not give an answer in details now; but I am challenging myself and others to sit up so as to force into celestial archives what will actually benefit our generation and our eternity.

    Hence, my leaving my very tight personal schedule, and taking time to put down facts that we all must reflect over in order to enforce some changes that will make the policies of nations to bear better fruits through the managers of personnel and material resources.

    This is very timely. For, it is because of man’s greed, that some vocations have been placed above others sequel to the immediate benefits of fitting into those vocations. This greed has imposed on us a dangerous ego that makes us to think that what others are doing is not as important as ours. It is this ego and the desire to force others to accept that we are more important that sponsor most selfish manoeuvres that are associated with most professions.

    These manoeuvres have through the death of the conscience of many, sponsored the under-listed evil realities of our time, namely:

    1. Charging very exorbitant fees for our services despite the fact that majority of our customers are poor. I have tearfully reflected over the way and manner poverty-stricken patients are often treated by some professionals who behave as if to say that these patients must borrow (with many years of continuing indebtedness) before ever they can buy back their good health. These greedy professionals even do this despite the lack of continuing good health of these patients after finishing a therapeutic course.

    2. Lobbying government agencies to pay us salaries that are far above that of our contemporaries in other professions. What have made some developing countries to repeatedly witness strike and indefinite abandonment of secular services, especially in the health sector - is this sad situation.

    3. Lobbying government agencies against enforcing such salary increases for contemporary professions. A pathetic situation where a professional group is privileged to negotiate and get the best for their members, and turn around to feel that the only way to enjoy contentment is by making others to be less paid. They chose to be well-fed, and still hinder others from eating the crumbs that must fall from their exalted tables.

    4. Introduction of alluring social benefits into our professions, just to make an enticing difference. These are days when people may never care how they blow their trumpets. Titles and regalia are gradually possessing professionals away from being truly equipped to be used by God to meet the needs of the masses.

    5. Acquisition of numerous academic certificates without any tangible effort to prove practical expertise that will benefit the masses. For, additional certificates should convincingly prove a corresponding expertise that will help us to practically serve better; else, it is just to enforce our greed/lust for better administrative position and increased salary.

    Imagine a situation where specialists regularly abandon specialist care for their subordinates, even when human lives are at a stake; just because to them, the essence of specialization is for one to be better positioned to collect a higher pay from government employment, while using the opportunity to advertise private specialist care that takes one regularly away from one's employment at the government setting.

    6. An endless struggle to be the most exalted in our vocations, not to be better positioned to serve, but for what we intend to gain. This has made some godfathers across professions. Who after holding a particular post, must have a dominating voice over whom the next successor must be.

    Unfortunately, this has strengthened the Push Him Down (PHD) syndrome at varied levels of governance. A situation where those who could have been faithful executors of a timely programme as helpers, must frustrate it; just because they will not like a particular leader who is not willing to dance to their seductive music, to successfully embark on any project.

    7. The superiority and inferiority complexes that have hindered the move of God in many vocations.

    Superiority complex, we all must acknowledge, advertises pride through the exhibitors. This renders the individual unfit for the Master’s use. For God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5c). When people harbour pride through this demonic superiority complex, they deny themselves the very vital grace for divine service. This is why such people often work outside God’s perfect plan for their capacities and vocations. They become prey easily to the manoeuvres of Satan who easily seduce people into varied compromises as the flesh begins to control those who ought to be led by the Spirit; just because of carnality.

    As they refuse through this demonic complex to be led by the Spirit, they lose the grace to function as deliverers and divine vision carriers; and as they walk in the flesh (Galatians 5:16-21), they woefully fail while assuming to implement good and desired policies.

    This is why most proud leaders turn around to mislead through their bad examples, and may even humiliate those who refuse to join them in their evils. This humiliation has made many who are in a better position to expose many prevalent evils to keep quite. I am forced as a messenger of hope to talk to us, hoping that we all will through repentance make haste while the sun shines.

    Likewise, when they mentor others, they fill the workforce with a very dangerous set of people who think that life is all about exercising an evil dominion over others. They are often carried away by titles and unnecessary recognition, which make them to think that they are too important, without personally evaluating their relevance through a selfless commitment to their divinely assigned goals.

    But, what does the life and times of Mark Bennett teach us? His very close associates gave a report I strongly believe was not out of prejudice, and it says: "We'll remember Mark. He was a 'giver'; not a 'taker'. He believed in helping people without expecting anything in return. And... that made him happy. I guess a lesson worth noting." He was not causing divisions among his team to foster a divide and rule philosophy. Self exaltation increases the rewards of greed and the benefits of evil praise singers that often cluster around a greedy leader. It takes a humble heart to be delivered from such tendencies.

    On the other hand, the inferiority complex imposes timidity, depression, diminished joy and poor job satisfaction on its victims. In such a state, inferiority complex victims can be possessed contrary to their earlier expectation by a desire for another source of satisfaction, wherein they easily lose focus and manifest derangement while carrying out their responsibilities.

    Hence, effectiveness is hindered sequel to the inability to tap strength from the throne of grace on daily basis by those whom their proud ‘superiors’ have bewitched through this unholy complex phenomenon - for they lack job satisfaction and the joy that strengthen a worker. Some may therein, be forced by this complex to abandon a vocation they originally cherished. In such despondency, they often opt for another vocation where they were not originally called into. And guess what...

    In a situation where a lot of people no longer care to fit into a profession where they could have been most useful in God’s hands to meet the needs of the masses, but rather hunt for the seemingly most lucrative vocation at all cost; what do we see if not a lack of the much needed footprint that Mark Bennett left behind. Surprisingly, even caregivers have often forced the people under them to go into a profession where their connection will benefit an individual who must often fail in his/her services. Just as it abounds across professions, productivity is hindered as self remains glorified.

    Unfortunately, this choice of vocation that have been influenced by greed and ego, has forced many square pegs in many round holes. This has resulted to selfish pursuits that frustrate a satisfactory delivery of services in most vocations and a desire for fame as people play a lot of gimmicks in order to announce whom they claim to be. Materialism, at the expense of the masses whom we have been called to serve, becomes the order of the day; and this is why varied expressions of greed has hindered many from answering God’s call to service where they belong as professionals.

    May I stop here by calling myself and others through this reflection-inducing comment, to make amends through the challenge Mark Bennett has posed to us. He lived as a good stranger on Earth in view of his life testimony.

    But, will all that read this today choose to live as good strangers on Earth? Or will any live for ever here, even when Mark Bennett has left to remind us that we are passers by?

    When a stranger chooses to carry much away from a place he/she visited in order to hide them somewhere, then, we see him/her as stealing; instead of ordinarily enjoying what the place he/she visited could offer to him/her. Our legitimate pays can always be enough when we understand contentment, but...

    Mark Bennett has shown us what answering God's call to the service of mankind through our vocation is like. May we not fool ourselves by rendering services with ulterior motives. But, may we be truly wise by making a difference from many greedy and crafty wolves that have hitherto frustrated the polices of nations.

    Thanks as we all consider these hard truths, and may our Creator who wants to serve His creation through us; give us a deep-rooted understanding of what we must do soonest. For time, we have realized, waits for no one (2 Timothy 2:7)!

    Your burdened co-worker,
    Okechukwu Peter Okee
    CMLS; NAUTH Nnewi, Nigeria.
    Tel. +23463561247; email:;